HSL Season 1 Round 2 Registration Announcement

Summoners! Registration for the HSL Season 1 Round 2 (Spring 2014) will commence next Friday, the 13th of December, and is set to end on the 18th of January (12/13- 1/18). Remember that teams must have at least 5, and up to 7 players, and that schools can have multiple teams. To see the FAQ [...]

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Fall 2013 Tournament is beginning soon!

HSL's Season 1 Fall 2013 tournament will commence on Saturday, September 21st, at 5pm PST. Over 200 teams will be playing, and there will be streamed games with live casting, so head on over to our channel to join the fun.~~ Watch it here, or watch the VODs here!

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How Do I register for HSL Fall 2013?

Registration for our tournaments is slightly complex, but if you follow our directions, you'll be set! To learn how to register, just click through to view the whole post! 1. You first need to register for our website. The instructions for that can be found HERE. 2. Confirm your email (please check spam folder). 3. [...]

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HSL Fall Season FAQ Now Up!

High School Star League Season 1 FAQs 1. Can I have other people from other schools around my area play on my team? In the highly unlikely event that you are unable to find 6 people from your school to join, please contact us at league@hsstarleague.com or via the HSL LoL contact form. 2. Can [...]

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HSL Pre-Season Tournament: Round Two Done

And yet another week of exciting matches! Thank you to everyone who tuned into stream. ^____^ Round 2 matches were casted by Aidan "Zirene" Moon and Brian "CrusaderKitten" Truong. Thank you to Cam "PaxBritannica" Dunne for solo casting a Sunday match also. Check out brackets to see which teams are on their way to the [...]

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HSL Pre-Season Tournament: Round One Done

Admins Alex "LiquidMelt" Hsu and Cathy "Mudkipz4Sale" Pham have worked very hard to make this tournament a success. The games were streamed last Saturday, July 20th, at 5pm PST. Over 300 viewers tuned in to the HSL stream (http://www.twitch.tv/hsstarleague) to watch the exciting matches. Casters Aidan "Zirene" Moon, Alex "Someguy1144" Adams, Brian "CrusaderKitten" Truong, and [...]

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New Website!

Please be patient with us as we create our new website!

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