Battlefy Email FAQ

  1. What are the emails for?
    1. Battlefy is the platform we use for our brackets, tournament codes, and now, match scheduling (see Gameday Procedures guide).
    2. Only coordinators will receive emails
  2. When will I receive my email?
    • All emails have already been sent. If you haven’t received one, follow the procedures below.
  3. I already have an account, what do I do?
    • If you already have an account, and the email address is the same email you used for HSL, then you should be log into our brackets now, and proceed to Step 6
      • If you used “” to register for Battlefy and HSL, then you log into our brackets with that account
    • If you have an account that uses a different email from your HSL email, check that account for an email from Battlefy.
      • If you used “” to register for Battlefy, and “” to register for HSL, check that account for a Battlefy email.
  4. I didn’t receive an email!
    • Please check the email that you signed up for HSL with
    • Make sure to check the jumk/spam folders of your email
    • Reset your password on the Battlefy website. Click “Login,” and then “Forgot Your Password?”
      • Type in the email address you signed up for HSL with, and proceed with the password reset
  5. I can’t log into my account what should I do?
    • Make sure you’re logging into the account associated with the email you used to sign up for HSL
    • Go ahead and reset your password using the instructions above
    • Refresh the page, try logging in from Battlefy’s website
    • If all else fails, contact the administrator assigned to your division.
  6. What do I do after I log into my account from the brackets?
    1. Find your match in the appropriate division, and click on it.
    2. Make sure that you see the “get tournament code” box as well as the chat box (Photo)
      • Do not click the “Get Tournament Code” box until you are ready to play your match. For more information see the this video guide, or the Gameday procedures guide
      • If you can’t see those, make sure you’re logged into the right account and have selected the right match
      • Contact an administrator if you still do not see those features