Next Steps For Coordinators

Before Registration Ends

  1. Join the main HSL League of Legends Coordinator group HERE.
    1. We will post important updates in this group, so make sure to check often.
  2. Roster changes can be made free of charge until Sunday, September 20th, 11:59pm PST
    1. Resubmit the registration form with the desired changes

After Registration Ends

  1. Registration ends on Sunday, September 20th, at 11:59pm PST
  2. Brackets will be released Wednesday, September 23rd, at 3pm PST
  3. Between 9/20 and 9/24 HSL will do the following
    1. Invite you into your group’s own Facebook group, which is used to communicate with the HSL Administrators
    2. Send you an email with instructions on how to claim your Battlefy account, which is used to access the brackets
      1. If you already have a Battlefy account (must be tied to the email you used to register for HSL), you’re good to go