Changes for Fall 2015

We’ve been updating our rules and procedures to make things easier and clearer for you, here’s a brief overview of our changes. Make sure to read over and explain the updated rules to your team.

  1. Default match time is now Saturday 5pm (time zone dependent on your division)
    • Matches will default to this time, but you still have until Sunday 11:59pm PST to submit your match reports
  2. Updated Code of Conduct
    • There is now a three tier system for violations of the Code of Conduct with examples of each type of violation. For more information please review the CoC.
  3. Text Messaging
    • We’re piloting a text message system to send reminders about matches, score reports, and other important information to coordinators. We expect to send between 0-3 messages per week, and you can opt out at any time after we begin sending texts.
  4. QoL Changes for the rules that should provide more clarity.
    • Spectators/streamers are allowed only with both team’s consent, HSL Staff may spectate/stream any match.
    • Teams who allow observers or streamers understand that by doing so they waive their right to peruse claims of observer/stream cheating.
    • Teams should not rely on the opposing team to invite them into a match
    • Teams must both declare themselves ready before entering champion select