HSL Fall 2015 FAQ

1. Can I have other people from other schools around my area play on my team?
In the event that you are unable to find 5 people from your school to join, please contact us at league@hsstarleague.com or via the HSL LoL contact form.

2. Can graduates play?
Only current high school students are allowed to play. For more information, see the section on player eligibility in the rules.

3. What if I can’t make a match day?
If your team wants to play a match on a different day, both teams must agree upon a different time and date. Please confirm with each other about the rescheduled match date to prevent any confusion.

4. I’m not sure I can commit to HSL.
Teams are allowed 7 players, so if on some days one or two players can’t make it, the team may still play with the remaining players. This allows for greater flexibility with your schedules as students and other extracurricular obligations.

5. Are there going to be prizes?
Yes, but we’ll be getting prizing information up on the site as soon as we confirm with our sponsors.

6. Can multiple teams from one school join the HSL Fall tournament?
Multiple teams are allowed from a single school. We will be assigning letter IDs to the end of your high school name, should it be the same as another high school name, for pure identification during the tournament, so even if you guys ID yourselves during registration (e.g. WCS High School A), we might or might not give you a different ID, depending on how many other High School teams register. Overall, please don’t worry about the letter ID; again, it is only for identification from a school with the same name.

7. How can teams determine coordinator?
It is the responsibility of the League of Legends community at your school to designate a team coordinator. If your school has multiple teams entered, you should have one coordinator per team.
8. Can I be a sub for one team and play on my own team if they’re both from the same school?
No, simply because it is entirely possible for you to play against your own team, and if the other team you’re subbing for needs you, then you would force a 4v5. Even if you have subs, we do not allow any players to appear on the roster more than once.

9. How do I change my roster while registration is still in progress?
Simply resubmit a registration form with the corrected details and notify a Tournament Admin on Facebook to let them know that you resubmitted. Also, on the form itself, it will ask you if you’re submitting a roster change or not, so make sure to select on the dropdown menu that you are submitting a roster change registration form.

10. Can I change my roster after the tournament has started?
We ask that you try to register with your roster completely set, but we understand that throughout the school year, circumstances do arise where a player on your team cannot continue to compete anymore. Teams may change their rosters by having their coordinator submit a Roster Change form. This will require a fee of $3 per form, but you can make an unlimited amount of changes per form. See the rules for more information on roster change regulations.

11. Entry fees?
None! Your entry is absolutely free.

12. What format is it?
See the rules for draft format, general game settings, and match day procedures.

13. Are spectators allowed?
If both coordinators agree to allow spectators, then yes, they are allowed. If a spectator should be the reason for delaying the start of a game or disrupt the match in any way, then they must leave.

14. Are outside casters allowed?
Community casting and streaming is allowed as long as both team coordinators agree and there is not an interfering official HSL cast of the same match going on. HSL may, at times, request to cast your matches, assuming time of match allows. HSL has the right to cast any match.

15. Will teams get disqualified if they bad manner or trash talk in the game room?
If this happens, please screenshot everything that is said and contact a Tournament Admin on Facebook or email (league@hsstarleague.com) with the attached, relevant screenshots. For more on what is acceptable behavior, see the section on HSL Code of Conduct in the rules.

16. Where can I reach an Tournament Admin during match hours?
Contact the administrator assigned to your group for assistance.

17. Can I coordinate for every team at my school?
Coordinators are only allowed to coordinate for one school. Exceptions are made for teacher coordinators.

18. Can I demand a bye if the opposing team coordinator’s team tries to reschedule our match on match day?
You have the right to refuse to reschedule. However, the decision to award a bye lies within the Tournament Admin. Please contact a Tournament Admin if this situation occurs.

19. How can I help?
HSL is always looking for help! If you are interested in joining staff or helping with casting, you send us an e-mail with questions, applications, or auditions to league@hsstarleague.com! Alternatively, you can fill out the HSL LoL contact form.