Calling all High School Summoners! We know you’ve been grinding that elo ladder before Season 5 starts, so this is your opportunity to showcase your new-found mechanics in the upcoming High School Starleague’s annual 2015 League of Legends tournament.

Last season, over 600 teams from all over the nation joined the HSL community to battle each other for over $20,000 in scholarships. Join us this Spring season and be a part of our legacy!

Registration begins January 10th and will close midnight  PST on February 6th. No fee required.

Like the 2014 Spring Season, your team will consist of you and a minimum of four other players. Each team is allowed two substitute players, with up to seven players on the team. Each high school is allowed an unlimited number of teams, but each player may not be on more than one team. For our upcoming 2015 Spring Season, the tournament will follow a Swiss format. This means that there will be several rounds of competition, but considerably fewer rounds than in a round-robin tournament, so each competitor (team or individual) does not play every other competitor. Expect more competitive games within every division; your goal is to make it to top of your designated division!

For more information regarding eligibility and tournament rules, click here.

Team coordinators are required to join the HSL LoL Coordinators Facebook group here.