Week 1 has just ended; congratulations to all the teams that won their first game, and to those who have lost or tied their first game, don’t lose hope! This first week was very hectic, but we would like to thank everyone for bearing with us and working hard to schedule and play matches promptly. As an admin who assists the majority of the coordinators, I would like to clarify some recurring questions that I’ve come across this past week.

Please read the following conditions and act accordingly.

– If you sent in a forfeit match report, those are still being reviewed and inputted.

– If you were placed against a team marked “dropped, n/a” or “duplicate, n/a,” then you don’t need to submit anything; an automatic win will be given to you.

– If your team lost their match in the first week, no, you guys are NOT dropped from the tournament. The only time your team will be dropped is if you specifically request to be withdrawn from the tournament.

**Coordinators will have Monday and Tuesday to review match scores to ensure that they are correct. If scores are incorrect, please visit our Match Dispute form to submit a report. Every coordinator should review as soon as possible because we will generate the new round at 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, and any changes to matchups will NOT be possible.**

– Each division in the Registered Teams page has a specific timezone for the default match day. Please follow the division’s time zone EVEN IF you are off by an hour because we chose the timezone based on what timezone the majority of teams in that division happened to be. We did not have an even number of teams to make each division exclusively one timezone, so most of our divisions are mixed.

– If you request for a tournament code, and your opponent doesn’t have one, please give them yours; both teams use the same code for each match. You will use the same code TWICE per match.

– If you’re facing a team that is unable to use tournament code to play, please message Alex Hsu.

– If you don’t know what the match ID number is supposed to look like, please view an example here. Basically, it’s your division letter + match #. In the screenshot, the match ID number would be F1. We request that you put this information because when we have to manually input in scores, it makes it a lot easier for us to find your match.

– Replays are no longer required (YAY?), but if you’re interested in having your match rebroadcasted on our Twitch stream , please record the match using BaronReplay.

– The doc for stream signups will be posted in our large HSL LoL Coordinators Facebook group, so if you’re interested in having your match streamed on the day you guys are playing, sign up! An admin will contact you a day before your match if we decide to stream your game.

– Regarding Battlefy and tournament codes, we understand if you have issues with your Battlefy account, so use the Tournament Code form until we get your account worked out. These forms must ALWAYS be sent AT LEAST one day prior to the scheduled match.

– Coordinators are NOT allowed to submit roster changes a few minutes before the scheduled match. The request for a roster change must be completed AT LEAST three (3) hours before the match, or it will NOT be updated in time for the match, in which your team would risk being reported for putting an unregistered teammate into play.

**If your team is looking to report a forfeit win, please use the match report form (the same form that you would use to report a win).**

– If the opposing team coordinator agreed on a match with you, but then tried to reschedule the match on the day of the match, screenshot the conversation where you two decided on a time, and then submit a match report to claim a forfeit win. COORDINATORS MAY NOT ATTEMPT TO RESCHEDULE ON THE DECIDED MATCH DAY. In place of the end game screenshots (e.g. here) for games 1 and 2, submit the screenshot proofs.

– If the opposing team decided that they couldn’t find a time to play and explicitly stated that they wanted to forfeit the match, screenshot the conversation where they said that they wished to forfeit, and in place of the screenshots for games 1 and 2, submit the screenshot proofs.

– If the opposing team lost game 1, and then decided to forfeit game 2, screenshot them telling you that they wanted to forgo the second game. In place of the screenshots for games 1 and 2, submit the screenshot proofs.

– If your team wishes to drop from the tournament for any reason, please send us a notice message to league@hsstarleague.com. We will take care of drops within 1-2 days.

If you guys have any more questions, you guys know where to find me. ^_^

Your admin,
Cathy Pham