Welcome to the High School Starleague’s League of Legends Division


Playing in HSL means…

  • Representing your school on the Fields of Justice!
  • Playing with high school students from across the country.
  • Having a chance to show off your skills to thousands of viewers.
  • Being a part of the amazing high school League of Legends scene.
  • Winning sick prizes and scholarships for college!

HSL News

28 09, 2014

Attention Fall 2014 Coordinators!

Week 1 has just ended; congratulations to all the teams that won their first game, and to those who have lost or tied their first game, don’t lose hope! This first week was very hectic, […]

22 09, 2014

Looking to Play in HSL?

We’re currently in the playoff stage of our spring semester. Our next scheduled event is Fall 2014, but we may run a summer event as well.
To make sure you’ll be among the first to know […]

24 08, 2014

Fall 2014 Registration Announcement

Calling all High School Summoners! We know you’ve been grinding that elo ladder all summer and this is your opportunity to showcase your new-found mechanics in the upcoming High School Starleague’s annual 2014 League of […]

27 07, 2014

Cerritos High School vs. Crescenta Valley High School

After an intense year of competition, four amazing high schools battled their way to the grand finals of the Highschool Star League’s 2013-2014 split. On June 28th, Cerritos High School, Crescenta Valley High School, Mission […]