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Welcome to the High School Starleague’s League of Legends Division

25 05, 2014

Team Spotlight: Bolsa Grande High School

Bolsa Grande High School’s team, Royalty Gaming, joins in the HSL competition again after 3 months of inactivity. As top 2 winners from HSL’s Fall Season tournament, they had used the 3 months wisely by […]

24 04, 2014

Team Spotlight: Westminster High School

Hey guys, and welcome back to the HSL team spotlight! Here’s from Westminster’s team coordinator, whose team is currently occupying a highly coveted spot in the HSL Playoffs. Louis starts off by telling us about team […]

23 04, 2014

Looking to Play in HSL?

We’re currently in the playoff stage of our spring semester. Our next scheduled event is Fall 2014, but we may run a summer event as well.
To make sure you’ll be among the first to know […]

18 04, 2014

Team Spotlight: Irvington High School

Irvington High School’s team is one of the top 4 winners of our Winter (Fall) Champs tournament, as well as the top team in their division in Fall season. Team coordinator Steven Lee starts off […]